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18+, she/her
Fanfic writer and occasional artist, currently mostly in Good Omens fandom. I write predominantly in English despite it not being my native language, and you can find me from several discord servers, lurking on most, active on some, modding one.
Remember: Be kind. Ship and let ship, don't like don't read. Don't harrass anyone over fictional characters. Block and move on if you have to.

Good Omens Human AU Fanfic

Be Still My Soul

Be Still My Soul is my Good Omens human AU trilogy that's set in Finnish history during the years 1917 and 1918. It's a story about class differences, working class rebellion and a civil war, but also a story about love. This story is my baby, and I also established a Tumblr blog for it to share all kinds of historical and cultural tidbits.Header pic by Magicbubblepipe

Mirjam's art

I draw with pencils on paper, and I like landscapes a lot.